What is Paint Correction?

The paint correction process is designed to remove clear coat defects, such as the ones shown in this photo, using various machine polishers and their affiliated pads & polishes.

The compounding step comes first, that of which the goal is to safely “cut” the clear coat using a combination of abrasives and friction from the machine polisher. The polishing step is necessary thereafter to “level” or refine the clear coat so that we are left with a perfect mirror finish that is free of any defects.

Who needs Paint Correction?

Almost every car on the road today needs some form of paint correction. Through the use of automatic car washes, improper snow removal techniques, and a general mishandling of delicate clear coat, paint defects are almost an inevitability.

This photo shows some of the common types of paint defects you might find on your vehicle, and what those look like down at the molecular level. Our goal with the paint correction process is to remove some of the clear coat, so that it is level and even, leaving a perfect mirror finish.


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